dimanche 17 mai 2009
Guess I should post about something really interesting and titillating, except I don't have much to say.
Well, have spent two wonderful Saturdays at Ikea, once we came back with part of our new table strapped to the roof of our car-
Warning: if you are driving down the interstate and see a car with something strapped to the top and BOTH the driver and the passenger have their arms out the window, holding on to it, give them lots of space please. Thanks.
Today we hauled more wonderful stuff over to his parent's house, including our former bathroom door. We were going to just put it in our cave (basement storage area) except that we have the nastiest, filthiest cave in all of Marseille. Not kidding. Supposedly, when the building was constructed back in the 1950's, they didn't forsee having basement storage area. (nor parking spots, nor straight walls, nor a lot of things apparently). Anyway, the cave space was built later, but not exactly to standard. When the neighboring buildings were built, the builders just tapped into our sewer connection, instead of actually having to pay to go the extra 50 meters and tap into the main line. (Regulations? What regulations?)
As a result, our sewer connection, meant to handle, oh, about one building's worth, has about three buildings funneling through it, which means, yep, it backs up.
Which basically means that the nice big storage space is basically good for nothing, unless you don't mind rat poop and well, human poop.
(Hey everyone, come over and visit us!)
Anyway, where I was going with this is that we can't actually store anything in our basement. So everything gets hauled over to his parent's. If we ever sell our apartment one day (please god please god please god) we will have to haul it all back- doors, wallpaper, extra boxes of tiles, etc.
So we strapped the door into our car (not on top this time) and took it over to his parent's. I think that soon they will change their locks and be "not home" when we stop by.
Other than that, we are planning a long weekend trip to Lyon to celebrate our whooping Three Years of Wedded Bliss. As soon as we actually get the small bedroom cleared out, Alain will work on finishing it up. He has to finish the crown molding, and then paint. Our goal is to have all the rooms except the kitchen done by August, and then in August he will install a few more plugs, re-do the pipes for the sink/laundry/dish washer, and install the dish washer.
And then we start all over. Yeah right!

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Starman a dit…

Instead of hauling it all back, why not just have a yard sale and get rid of it?

screamish a dit…

ouch. I detect..perhaps...some miniscule renovation tension creeping in....take a break, quick! you guys need a holiday! oh and the cave, my gawd..good luck...poor things!

Frou Frou a dit…

Happy Anniversary!!!

Jess a dit…

Man, that sounds exhausting just reading it.

Happy Anniversary!

poppy fields a dit…

Your post about nothing made me laugh :)

Astrid a dit…

I admire all the work you are doing in the flat!!

We just realised that 2 years have passed and our bedroom still doesn't have paint nor wallpaper on the walls. Sigh. I've lost all motivation to continue. But I have now called someone to come and give us a devis for doing the work... We are so lazy, busy and not up for painting anything else!

So chapeau off to you guys with unbeatable courage and willpower!

Astrid a dit…

And happy anniversary!! :)

Dedene a dit…

A delightful post! Happy Anniversary!!

Uncle David a dit…

Please do consider writing posts "about nothing."
Really enjoyed reading this slice of life!

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