vendredi 22 mai 2009
Last night we were victims of an attack of newparentitis.
As it was a day off, we invited one of Alain's colleagues from work and his wife over for pizza.
They have a two-month old little girl, who is normally very quiet and calm.
No problem, she'll just sleep in the corner like last time right?

As soon as they arrived, she started fussing. Didn't want to eat, didn't need to be changed, etc.
We ordered two pizzas and waited. She kept crying.

They jiggled her up and down, put her down, picked her up, took off her clothes in case she was too hot, walked her around the apartment... nothing worked.
If I were the baby, I think I would just want to be left alone.

Heaven knows I'm not an expert in the little buggers, but sometimes they just cry for no apparent reason, no? And in that case, pretty much everything you do either makes it worse or is pointless.
Anyway.... they decided...

Hup! To the emergency room.
They left in a flutter, and we waited for our two pizzas to arrive. What do we do now? I guess we have enough pizza to last the weekend.

I suppose we will probably be the same if we ever have a kid or two. Though I am guessing by the time the second arrives, you can leave them crying for days before you think to yourself "Hmm, maybe I should take him to see the doctor?"
So readers, please share your newparentitis stories.

** Not saying that we didn't expect the baby to cry- heck, that seems to be what they were made to do.
Just saying that perhaps a bit of fussiness didn't warrant a trip to the emergency room at 9 pm.
final verdict: Colic

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screamish a dit…

no way, to les urgences? well...when you're around your baby 24 hours a day you do get a feeling for what is normal crying and what is not normal crying....but sometimes the little buggers just cry...this was at night right? its not fair to bring babies out to parties or friends' houses and expect them to sleep w all that exciting stuff happening, she was probably pissed off.

they're brave though, points to them for TRYING to lead a normal life!

Starman a dit…

Two months old? You were very lucky the first time.

Ellie a dit…

Poor parents have to listen to the cry all day long. They hear it differently. After two months without sleep every sound that the baby produces sounds 3 time louder in mother's head. I have two boys. I don't remember what made me have a second baby. We are blessed to forget the hardship of motherhood - otherwise we wouldn't be having more then one kid :)

poppy fields a dit…

My first born cried all the time as I tried to console her by rocking, hugging, holding...and low and behold, when I finally left her alone in her crib for awhile, she stopped...She just didn't want to be cuddled so much, still doesn't...Our second was another story :)

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