mercredi 10 juin 2009
On our final day in Lyon, we got going at, yep, yet again, 11. It was a cloudy, windy day.
We checked out of our hotel and walked away from the Centre Ville, towards the Musée Lumière.
And walked. And walked.

I'm hungry! Where are all the boulangeries for goodness sakes? Aren't the Lyonnais, by definition, French and therefore big bread eaters? Good grief.

We finally got to this museum, only to see that it was closed on Mondays. Argh. We decided to walk around the garden, which was open and had signs up. Then we saw that the museum was in fact open, so we went in.
The Lumière brothers helped to invent movies at the end of the 19th century. The museum was great, and we spent a good two hours. They had a large exhibition of early films, cameras, projectors, etc. There was an interesting movie, but we only saw a part of it. We probably would have stayed longer, but it was getting on towards one, and we still hadn't eaten and had a train to catch.
(Picture of us in front of an early 20th century photograph of the Vieux Port of Marseille)

We started to walk towards the train station, and stopped for lunch at the classic McDo. The gastronomic capital of France and we eat twice at McDonalds. I think I have had my fill for the summer.

We then continued on to Part Dieu train station, caught our TGV a little after 3, and were back in Marseille by 5.
I guess judging from my posts, everyone thinks we didn't have a good time, but we did. It was nice to get away and see another part of France.
Lyon certainly destroyed the illusion, to which I was desperately clinging, that every single other city/town/village/hamlet/grouping of more than 2 houses in France OTHER than Marseille is clean with no dog poop, graffiti, trash or urine on the streets.
Here is Megan's DogPoop/Graffiti/Trash/Urine rating of Lyon:
Dog Poop (five stars being Marseille, 1 star being "a blind man could walk safely down the sidewalks without soiling his shoes"): 1.5 stars
Graffiti (five stars being, again, Marseille, 1 star being Aix en Provence): 4 stars
Trash (five stars being, again, Marseille, 1 star being Lancon de Provence): 2 stars
Urine: (five stars being, again, Marseille, 1 star being Salon de Provence): 3 stars
Lyon in a nutshell:
There were some really interesting museums, and tons of nice shops. Just don't go looking for a boulangerie in Centre Ville.
The cuisine I can't really comment on. McDonalds is McDonalds, pretty much everywhere. What we did taste of Lyon cooking, it seemed pretty heavy to me- sausages and cheese and all the rest.
The people seemed much more Catholic than in the South- and I am not just saying that because every church was always in the middle of a service. We saw a Catholic University in France for crying out loud! The cars all seemed to be in better shape (fewer dings), and the buildings were all well kept up.
In summary, Lyon is a nice city to visit, but probably a better city to live in.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Your Poop/Trash/Urine scale is hilarious!
And that picture of you two is really cute :)

Starman a dit…

France is, after all, a Catholic country.

amerigirl a dit…

Why is Marseille so dirty? I really hate graffiti. I would often see houses near the road with graffiti on them. If someone where to paint graffiti on my house, I think I would shoot them. I guess that's why France has super strict gun laws.

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