jeudi 11 juin 2009
In honor of Poppy Fields, I am posting some photos of a promotional event by Kenzo for their perfume Flower.

They installed a field of 200,000 (or so they said, I didn't bother to count) fake poppies in the middle of the Place de la Republique in Lyon, the Saturday that we were there.

They were handing out scented postcards and at the end of the day were giving the poppy flowers away. I think every woman (except me) in Lyon had a bouquet of them.

5 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

At least, it's pretty. Sorry you didn't get your bouquet.

poppy fields a dit…

So pretty and I can't believe they weren't selling the perfume right a passer by I would have bought some.

Anonyme a dit…

What a great way to get girl's attention - just give her a red flower with a nice sent! Good for Kenzo - very creative. Made beautiful photo memory!

Anonyme a dit…

Didn't you buy any? Great photo. Nice marketing stunt.

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