lundi 12 avril 2010
After the exciting near-miss of a parking spot to buy a few weeks ago, last week 'we' (I actually, as I am the only one bothered by the parking dilema Mr. parking his beloved moto wherever he darn well pleases) found another posting for a garage for sale 21,000€. I called and asked where it was, closer than the previous but still several blocks away and for that amount of money, well I want it to be in spitting/IKEA box-hauling distance. As we can usually find (mostly not too illegal) parking closer than that, with the occasional 35€ fine, we decided to pass.

This Sunday, after I went for my 'run' (slow limp around the track a few times) I noticed that the new parking garage seemed to be open. I blame the shoes. No really, I just bought them and need to break them in. Mr. is convinced that they are not actually running shoes. Hmm. Anyway, back to my story.

I limped over (a post-run mess but the attendant didn't seem to mind) and inquired about options. This parking garage took about a year to build and is where a basketball court used to be. (Yay for taking away alternative recreational opportunities from inner city kids for the purposes of money!)

He said that monthly subscriptions were available, 85€ a month for cars, 45€ for motorcycles. This price is not too bad, considering how a year ago we had the opportunity for a spot for 100€ a month about the same distance. There are also long-term rents, 9,300€ for 11 years, which works out to about 75€ a month. There is also an "amodiation" which is 21,000€ for 75 years, plus annual fees of 250€, which works out to about 44€ IF the annual fees don't increase.

At these prices, we might as well buy the garage which would be 'ours' forever (or the next five years until we get the heck out of Dodge, whichever comes first).

If the parking garage offered night parking for a euro, it would be worth it- wouldn't have to turn and turn for a parking spot, plus a bit more guarantee that the car wouldn't get hit in the night. Oh, and my parking skills wouldn't be quite so sorely tested. Our poor newish car (180,000 km) already has Marseille dings, mostly my fault.

Bleh. Anyway, still keeping my fingers crossed.

"Somethings comin' don't know when, but it's soon..." (sing it with me now...)

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Starman a dit…

€21,000 and they still want to rip you off for €250 per year? You guys should forget working and build a parking garage.

Mwa a dit…

Running... urgh. You're too brave.

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