mercredi 14 avril 2010
Busy with the final steps of getting my file together for my French nationality request (and what a long road it has been too!).

Another month and we will hit the 4-year mark, which is, unless Sarkozy changes the legislation again between now and then, the time that I can officially hand in my papers. I think I'll need a wheelbarrow.

One of the questions on the form is:
"Souhaitez-vous une francification de vos noms et prénoms?" Oui ou non?

Do you wish to have your first and last names Frenchified?

Hmm. Well, I guess I'm set with my last name, but the first name could go from
Megan -> Mégane.

Not sure how binding it would be, whether I would then have to get all my paperwork changed, including US stuff, or whether it is just sorta an "honorary" thing. Besides, let's face it, I will never be more than an "honorary French" in their eyes.

Kinda strange that such an option is still even offered. Like when people stepped off the boat in Ellis Island and all magically became Mr. Smith.

Don't think I will do it. Only advantage would be so that French wouldn't wonder whether "Megan" is a man's name. Many French names have a feminine version of a man's name, with an e or an a tacked on the end, so Megan should be a masculine name, and Mégane the feminine version.
But "Megan" is considered as a man's or woman's name, with a tendance towards woman's, but not exclusively.

Maximum of 11 boys named Megan 1993, vs 238 girls named Megan in 1995.

But apparently, even "Mégane" isn't exclusively feminine, 10 boys in 1994 vs. 2601 girls in 1995.

Geez people, make up your minds. It's like the boy named Sue.

Guess there was a peak in the 1990's like in the US.

Everyone here pronounces it as Mégane anyway. I have been addressed (by mail thankfully, not face to face) as Mr. Megan.

When I am introducing myself to someone in French, I will pronounce my name Mégane (meh-ghanne), but in English I always pronounce it as I always did (May-gin, gin like bin, not like the drink).

Not sure how my middle name, Kathleen, would be Frenchified.

So readers, would you Frenchify your name, and if so, what would it be?

8 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

If you changed your name, everyone would assume you're a car.

Good luck with the processing. I'm sure all will go well. It's so exciting to get your notification in the mail.

screamish a dit…

no, no, dont do it, isnt Mégane a car??? do you really want to be mistaken for a family runabout for hte rest of your life? nooooo!

Anonyme a dit…

I would probably change mine, just to become more ingrained with the culture. I'm not sure what my "frenchified" name would even be though :)

deedee a dit…

I kind of wish I had done it...changing from Meredith to Mérédith would have helped people pronounce my name.

Ksam a dit…

I don't regret not changing mine. But to be honest, in this case, I'd recommend not doing it - when your post title came up in bloglines, I thought it was going to be about whether or not to buy a new car!!!

Mwa a dit…

I wouldn't. But then I didn't change my name when I married either.

Starman a dit…

My name is already frenchified.

megan a dit…

I'm a Megan also, and have continuous discussions about the spelling. I recently went for an x-ray, and they asked the spelling of my name. I spelled it correctly. They put an "e" on the end. I said no-even showed them my identity card. She said okay. When I got the xrays back-voila-she had gone back and added the "e" again!

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