dimanche 25 avril 2010
Went out to a movie last night with some of the other students (The "Arnacoeur" with Vanessa Paradis- okay, but I didn't agree with her choice in the end) then had Italian food for dinner. Got 'home' a little after 10 pm, was in bed by 11, but didn't fall asleep until 1, waking up at about 6, as usual.

Went for a walk a little before 9. It was nice, calm, cool, quiet. Took some pictures of La Petite France, then headed over to the Cathedral. I had some tickets left over from our Strasbourg Tourist Passes that we bought in December (museums, boatride, etc). As we had no desire to climb up 300+ steps in -10°C weather, I saved the tickets to go to the top of the Cathedral for warmer days.

The platform opened at 9 am, and I climbed up to the top. By my count, there were 95 steps to the first part, then another 229 steps up to the viewing deck. Just when I arrived, the bells started ringing and rang for a full 15 minutes. I was alone up there (except for the guy paid to watch over the place, who mostly just sits in the office and plays with his Iphone I'm guessing).

Attempted to film a bit of the view with my Ipod.

There are moments in your life that are magical and that help you to remember that the world won't fall apart if you fail an exam, or don't get accepted into a certain school, or get fired from your job, or anything.

Then it is back down to regular life, with all of its petty concerns and jealousies and disputes.

After heading back down, I went in the Cathedral and sat through the mass, then headed back to my studio, stopping to grab a croissant (so-so) and a pretzel (burnt and hard) on the way. Sigh. I prefer Alain's and my Sunday routine of cappucino and croissants. Took a nap for several hours, then got to work.

One more month to the Technical Exam!

3 commentaires:

Unknown a dit…

Very cool! I bet the Italian food is MIUCH better over there than over here in the Ouest!

Mwa a dit…

I like those moments. I need a moment like that.

Starman a dit…

The pictures and the video are great.

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