samedi 13 novembre 2010
Back up to Strasbourg tomorrow for another week.
This time, it is a preparation seminar for my exams in March and will be in English instead of French.
Actually, there are three separate sections, English, French, and German.
Hey, I could take the German one just for kicks! (see if I remember anything from my toddler days)

About this time last year, mom and dad were here and we went up to Strasbourg for a week together. They visited the area and saw one of their old friends while I went to my classes.

This week, I will see some of my friends from last year, though they will all be in the French section.

Am actually looking forward to going. Get away a little bit, see other people. I kinda miss Strasbourg (ahh... no trash strikes... no dog poop all over the sidewwalk... no grafitti everywhere... pretzels... )

Unfortunately, the Christmas market will not have started yet.

I am going to be staying in the same place, though the classes will be in a different place.

When I choose the title of this post, I was reminded of my military school days, a jody (cadence call) that they had us sing while marching.

Here We Go Again
Same Old S--- Again
Marching Down the Avenue
Two More Seconds* and I’ll be Through
I’ll be glad and so will you
Am I right or wrong?
You’re Right!
Are we weak or strong?
We’re Strong!
Sound Off!
One two
Sound Off!
Three Four
Break it on down now
One two three four
One two
Three Four!

(* More like 5 more years and I'll be through)

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Good luck, again. I'm sure you'll do just fine. Too bad about not being able to visit the Christmas market.

Starman a dit…

I must get to Strasbourg one of these days.

Sara Louise a dit…

You went to military school too!! :-)

Michel a dit…

Good luck in Strasbourg. I lived there for a couple of years as a teenager while my father was doing a doctorate at University of Strasbourg. I didn't go to military school but we sure learned it while I was in basic training as a draftee at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio Texas.

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