jeudi 27 janvier 2011
In March, right after my exams, I am going back to the US for two weeks, alone (without the Frenchman that is). (And he keeps saying "How do I KNOW you are going to be staying with your parents and not some ex-boyfriend?" Trust me dear, my parents would not cover for me if I was staying with an ex-boyfriend)

It will be my first time back since December 2008.
I must say, I am really starting to miss the United States.
Don't have much planned, mostly shopping and relaxing.

But I keep having this reoccuring dream.

I am at my parents's house in Colorado, and I am packing my suitcase, getting ready to take the plane the next day to come back to France, when all of a sudden I realize...

I haven't had a single bagel in the whole two weeks I have been back!!!


I wake up in a cold sweat and realize that I have not yet left for the US, I still have my exams to live through, and I will surely go to the grocery (yay, Safeway!) my first day back to stock up on Macaroni & Cheese, Starburst, and bagels.

It is very strange, I know.
It's not like I have been super bagel-deprived anyway. Had my fill of bagels while in Thailand (By the way, I'm still sore over the fact that my sister, in Thailand, leads a more American life than I do in France) and can get them regularly at Bagel Story in Aix (about 1.50€ a bagel but still). I can even make them for goodness sake.

So I'm guessing it is not the bagels themselves that are causing these dreams.
I have had this same dream about 3 times now, so it is definitely bugging me.

I guess it must just be a feeling of going back for such a short time, wanting to get my full Americaness in before I leave again for an indefinite amount of time.

4 commentaires:

Pepe Le Pew a dit…

Not only would my parents not cover for me, my dad would throw me under the bus in a heartbeat.

Michel a dit…

Good luck first with the exams and then I hope you have a fabulous time in the US and get your fill of bagels and other goodies it is hard or impossible to find in France.

Mwa a dit…

Yes. I'm sure you're right that the bagels are a symbol. I hope you get all your bagelling out of your system while you're there. It's tough being an expat, especially if you're so very very far from home.

Starman a dit…

That is a strange dream. Perhaps it just means that you think your trip back will be too short.

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