dimanche 22 mai 2011
Woke up on the crabby side of the bed this morning.
More specifically, I was woken up at 9 am on Sunday morning because of our upstairs neighbor was vacuuming. Which he must do once a week on Sunday mornings.

He used to wait until 11 or so, but it's been getting earlier and earlier. 10:30, 10, now 9.

As I wake up at 5:41 Monday through Friday (I always do that, set my alarm for a minute later, it just feels so much later than getting up at 5:40) and Saturdays I am usually up by 8 to go do my errands, putain! on Sunday I would like to sleep a bit later.

I stormed up there, in my slippers, pj shorts and tank top with my hair a mess (the better to get the "I was sleeping idiot" message across.)
Knocked on his door, nothing.
Rang the bell, waited a bit, and then he opened the door.
I (rather politely) asked if it was them vacuuming (as by some aural trick it could be the people next to us) and he said yes.
I asked if he could please not vacuum at 9 am on Sunday mornings, as we live right below but please wait until 10:30 or 11.
He said "I will try."
I thanked him and left.

But then, thinking about it, what's up with this "I will try" stuff?
You don't have to "try" to not vacuum, you just have to "not".
It's not like "Can you cure cancer?"
response: "I will try."

What, does he have uncontrollable urges to vacuum? He's a man for godsake. They never get uncontrollable urges to clean. It's more like their wife says "Clean the floor now buster".

Anyway, apart from the early morning vacuuming, they are pretty good upstairs neighbors. Not like the ones below us, with whom we got in a screaming match a few weeks ago. (But that is a post for another day, as I am still trying to decrabbify.)

Poll: What time, in your opinion, is acceptable to start vacuuming on a Sunday morning when you live in an apartment building?

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Astrid a dit…

In most places I have lived, there's the rule of after 10am and before 10pm for whatever noise you have the urge to make...

Generally it's just too annoying when someone else decides you need to wake up isn't it??!

Michel a dit…

I guess a comparable situation is what time can you mow your grass in a community of single family homes. In our town, there is a noise ordinance which prohibits mowing grass or making noise before 7:00. We have neighbors who do mow right after 7:00 on Sunday morning.

deedee a dit…

my dog will sometimes bark in our yard before that and I drag her back in. We live in such close proximity to our neighbors and I would hate for any of them to have a nasty barking dog. I don't want to be that "one".

Anonyme a dit…

Vaccuming on Sunday is surely a sin. I don't think there's any time when it's ok.

a quasi French woman a dit…

Anyone who had a heart would wait until 12noon to start up the vacuum cleaner on a Sunday...

Starman a dit…

He probably suffers from OCD. There is no 'acceptable' time to start making noise on Sunday (or any other day) morning.

Samantha Vérant a dit…

What's a vacuum? Just kidding. I think after 10:30 is fine. Now, the real question is when should the kids next door to me practice the piano???

Mwa a dit…

Omg - I'd say 11, at the earliest. I like that you went to complain. Hurray for you! I hope he "tries" hard.

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