vendredi 27 mai 2011

Here is a picture of me, about 8 years old, with my two favorite cousins, Chris on the left, and Paul on the right.

Our three families decided to rent a houseboat on Lake Powell on the Colorado River, for a week in summer.

Here we are at Rainbow Bridge, me posing with my high-waist shorts and braided pigtails.

Ah, an 8 year old's fashion sense, gotta love it.

We spent the week swimming, barbequing, diving off cliffs, drinking beer (well, not the kids), playing card games, water fights, and lying in the sun.

We keep saying we will do it again, now with spouses and kids in tow, but it isn't easy to find a time that everyone can get together.

3 commentaires:

starman1695 a dit…

Kinda makes you wonder how your parents made the time.

Starman a dit…

"who is the sperminator?" Think Arnold.

Michel a dit…

I hate to tell you that times seems to fly by even faster as you add a few years to your life. So take time to enjoy every minute now. By the way, very cute picture.

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