samedi 7 mai 2011
In summer, Alain wears exclusively white t-shirts.

And no, not just one per day. Two.

Not one in the morning and then changes into a second one when the first is sweaty.

No, no my friends.

One white undershirt under a second white undershirt.

I don't really understand it. why not just wear one in that case?

I gave up trying to understand him. Probably about the time he gave up trying to understand me.

(Why do you need ANOTHER purse? you already have seven!)

Anyway, on the weekends I do a load of laundry of only white t-shirts and hang them up to dry, two or three laundry lines of them. Thank goodness he long ago gave up hope of having me iron them.

I try buying him new ones as most of them he has had about ten years (and thus, not so white anymore) but he is quite picky about them. Well, I guess he has the right to be, since it is practically all he wears.


Crew neck, not v-neck.

The sleeves have to have bands on them to hold them tight to the upper arms.

And the kicker- the shoulders have to be pretty much straight across, not sloping downward from the collar.

Pretty much impossible to find.

So I keep bleaching the **** (er, life) out of the ones he has, and try to discretely get rid of the ones that are ripped without him noticing.

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Starman a dit…

You mean like the one in the top photo? I was wondering about that.

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