samedi 18 février 2012
This afternoon I checked my cell phone, and saw a message sent last night, around 9 pm. It said that the code to validate the purchase for €988 was (six numbers). If I have any questions, please contact La Banque Postale.

Um, yeah I have a question. Who the heck has been trying to purchase something for 988€ with my credit card on the internet!!!

The banks here in France have implemented a secure internet purchase system. First you have to register your cell phone with the bank, which I did. Then, when you buy from certain sites, before the purchase is finalized, a six-digit code is sent to your cellphone. You then have to enter the code before the purchase goes through.

I have purchased a few items this way (though certainly not for almost 1000€) and knew that is what it was. I first checked the number to make sure it was indeed La Banque Postale, and not some site in the Caribean at 15€ a minute, and called. Indeed, someone had tried to purchase something with my credit information. Super.

I then had to call another number to cancel my card. On Monday I have to go to a police station and make a declaration of stolen information (I still have the card), and then send the copy of the declaration and the canceled card to the financial center who will then send me a new card. I also have to monitor my account, to make sure no other purchases were made, for example from sites that don't have such a verification system.

Le Sigh.

So now I will be without a credit card for approximately two weeks.

Man, I love the information age!

I am really curious as to what the person was trying to buy. The message didn't say what the purchase was for, nor what site.

So what would you buy (for fun) with 988€? (1300$)

I would either buy an IPAD with all the options, or else a Lancel Adjani purse. But no, I have to save it for boring stuff like taxes.

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Michel a dit…

That's a big pain in the butt. I am glad that your bank had that verification system set up.

Starman a dit…

My card companies notify me whenever the amount purchased is over a couple hundred dollars. I suppose the person who tried to use your card, didn't know about the verification number. That should be standard procedure for all purchases.

Starman a dit…

I think we're on different version of Facebook. You're probably on the .eu or .fr site, while I'm on the .com site. At any rate, I finally got tired of all their games with trying to delete two old accounts and just quit the whole thing. I may return in a month or two, but I'm not sure.

Sara Louise a dit…

I'm thinking it was an ipad - or a plane ticket.
Such a pain in the petunia that you are without card, but less of a pain if the transaction had gone through!
I bank with La Poste as well, and am happy that have the verification process, especially that now I know it really works :)

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