mardi 28 février 2012
I've decided to hire a cleaning lady.
Except that the cleaning lady is me.
I figure, instead of paying someone else to clean our apartment, I'll pay myself to do it.
I think 10€ net per hour is the going rate, don't you think?
I figure I am worth at least 10€ per hour.
As I have every-other Friday off, I'll use those Fridays to clean up the place and get those tiresome chores, like taking out the recycling, done, then have the entire weekend off.
The money I make will be for whatever I want – new clothes, perfume, makeup, accessories, a nice jewelery box, silk scarves, etc. And I certainly won't feel guilty about it!
Now the only problem is that 100€ = 10 hours of cleaning. Sigh.

3 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

We have a cleaning lady. She's from Brazil. She charges us %80 (60) per day, and her 'day' lasts about two and a half hours. She arrives around 14h00 and leaves around 16h30. We only have her once every two weeks.

chcmichel a dit…

You are giving yourself a hell of a discount. Since we can't clean up after our various guests who come to rent our house in Sablet, we have hired cleaning ladies to do that for us. In our experience, the going rate in the Vaucluse is 18 - 20 Euros per hour. I am going to do some double checking when we are in Sablet in a couple of weeks to make sure the going rate is not the 10 Euros per hour you mention; if so, we will be looking for a new cleaning lady.

Sara Louise a dit…

After reading chcmichel's comment, I definitely think you need to give yourself a raise. You're worth it :)

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