mardi 6 mars 2012
At VMI, there was an expression "two-oh and go", referring to Grade Point Average. Basically, you could graduate as long as your grade point average was 2.0 or higher, and for some, this was all that mattered.

Which right now is how I feel about my exam. Would I love to get 90 points like I did on the A exam and have my paper printed as the ideal answer? Of course. Would I be willing to wait another year for that or would I accept a 45, the minimum number of points I need, since I have passed (50+) two papers and have a compensatable grade (45 to 49) in one other exam?
Would much rather pass it this year, without a doubt.
I would take the C exam (48 points) again, to try and get 50+, but if I take it again and get a lower score, I lose my compensatability, and then would have to take it yet again. If I could try again and be guaranteed to at least keep the 48, I would, though still focusing on the B exam.

So, fingers crossed for mediocrity!

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Michel a dit…

Good luck Megan! Here's hoping you achieve a fabulous score after all your preparation. But I am with you and I would accept just passing in order to avoid having to do studies for another year.

deedee a dit…

Crossing finger and toes :)

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