vendredi 16 mars 2012

It is Anna's third birthday soon, and as all kids are, she is very excited.

For her birthday, I did a crosstitch with her name on it, with beads and metallic threads. I did one for her sister Manon a few years ago, it is pink and yellow with a butterfly. (see picture at bottom).

Though I'm sure she won't be as thrilled with it as she was with Barry (because, let's face it, nothing can top a microwaveable elephant) I do hope she likes it as she gets older.

It is blue and purple with silver metallic thread, and white, purple, blue, grey beads.

Josée takes them to a framing store near their house. The lady always does an excellent job picking out the mats and frames.

NOEL, the first one I did. I gave it Josée for my first Christmas in France. It goes very well with her living room, which is mainly Bordeaux-red.

I have been crosstitching since I was about 10. I like to do it while watching tv. It relaxes me, and I like working with the colors and beads.

I started doing these patterns a few years ago, starting with Noel, then Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. I started switching the colors, especially for Autumn, and then customizing the names and themes. As you can see, there are five basic patterns which I mix and match and change the colors and lettering as I want.

 Alain always asks "But what are we going to DO with them?" Just keep them. Give them away when I want. I also have done lots of Angel patterns, Christmas patterns, etc.


Autumn, with an apple

Winter, with snow

Spring, with a bouquet of yellow roses

Summer, with a basket of flowers

Bride (to commemorate my own wedding)

ManonPatriotic themes

America for Mom

France, for meme and pepe


It keeps me occupied, though I buy most of the materials (fabric, thread, beads, pattern) from a US online store. Even with shipping, it is cheaper than buying the materials here. I am currently working on two different patterns, LAVANDE for Lydia, Alain's aunt with lavender and olive green colors, and LEA for the daughter of the cleaning lady at work.

For anyone wondering, the designs are from the "Lavender & Lace" by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum at Told in A Garden.

I love her designs and she also has a lot of angels, christmas patterns, etc.

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Michel a dit…

Those are very pretty! You are a very talented lady!

Starman a dit…

These look very nice but my eyes are not working so well during this episode of shingles. I will try to catch up when I can actually see.

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