mercredi 17 janvier 2007
I recently had an interview with a company, who shall remain nameless. From reading their website, I got their impression that they did sort of the pre-planning of projects/project management for other companies. Turns out I was totally wrong. Actually, I don't think this misunderstanding was entirely my fault, the English and French parts of their website say completely different things. My reading comprehension in English is pretty good at least most of the time.
Anyway, what they really do is collect lots of engineers in all different domains- chemical, electronics, aeronautic, etc. Then they keep these engineers gathered in a little box and when a company comes to them and says "We need to rent an X Engineer from you" they take you out of the little box and send you off to work for that company for Y amount of time, then when it is over you go back in your little box and wait for the next project to come along. I call it RentAnEngineer.
It is amazing how many jobs you never thought of could exist until you start looking for a job. I would have assumed that the company would just straight up hire who they want, but I guess this way is less risky for the company. That way, they can develop a project for a certain amount of time, and if it doesn't work, they send their RentAnEngineer packing without having to pay severance, unemployment, etc.
I wonder how many of their engineers get poached by the very same companies. Anyway, they said they would keep me posted. Back to!

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themikestand a dit…

It's essentially a cross between a temp service and what we in Canada call a Standing Offer list, which gives certain contractors automatic work on a revolving basis.

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