lundi 21 mai 2007

I am not sure if these exist in the US or not, but over here in France there are a lot of these automatic video machines (not sure what the real name is). Sometimes they are independant and sometimes they are attached to a walk-in video store (for after hours use and adult videos I suppose). They usually don't have a huge selection, but are pretty easy to use.

First you insert a credit card (carte bleu) or the store card (which is usually cheaper). Then you scroll through the menus, choose a video, type in your code (hopefully correctly), and out spits your video. For the machines above, you have to choose your selection from the machine on the far right, then go to one of the ones in the wall to get and return the video. If a different one comes out than what you wanted, you are SOL.

There are normally different prices depending how long you want to watch it- less than six hours, less than twelve, less than 24. At our old apartment, there was one in the building next to ours, so we usually managed to return it in under six hours. (usually I made Alain go return it 10:30 pm). Now in our new apartment, the closest one is across the street and down a block, so we are usually too lazy to return it before 24 hours. The fee is usually 4.50 €. I would still prefer Netflix though. There are some French companies that are starting to copy Netflix, but they don't have much of a selection and the shipping takes a long time. We used to have a subscription, but stopped after a few months.

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Samantha a dit…

Did you ever get any of your DVDs stolen? A few weeks ago, another blogger left a comment on my blog about that - she had a subscription to a French version of Netflix but finally cancelled it because the DVDs kept getting stolen along the way! How hilarious is that??

I also think it's so funny that shipping takes so long here - I subscribed to Netflix in the US, and the DVDs usually came within a day or two. But yet they take so much longer here in a country the size of Texas!

haze a dit…

Haven't try this! We buy DVD's and collect them or go to cinema from time to time !

Your from 4th district! I am a stay at home Mom, have 2 kids (4 yr old son and a 2 yr old daughter)! Would love to work in the near future! And you do you work in Marseille then?

Terina a dit…

they exist here too. there is one at the mcdonalds that we went to today. i have never tried them. they have them in germany too.

Starman a dit…

Most of the local supermarkets and shopping malls have automatic video machines in the US.

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