mardi 1 mai 2007

Today, we celebrated the "Holiday of Work" by "Not Working". As it fell on a Tuesday this year, about half of my workplace took Monday off to "faire le pont" (make the bridge) and have a long weekend. We had great plans to visit the Pont du Gard or Saint Remy de Provence, but it was rather overcast today, raining off and on, so we didn't. Instead we went over to see his grandparents, stopping to buy Lily of the Valley at the many flower shops/roadside stands on the way. I guess this is the only day in the year where anyone can go and pick the Muguet and sell it, without having a license to sell flowers. We stopped at one place and bought two groups of three stems, wrapped in clear plastic paper with lilys and butterflies on it. On the way there, we thought we might need more (for each of the womenfolk) so stopped at another place. I bought two, and was given two free (hmm, perhaps they are trying to get rid of them at the end of the day?) So we gave one to Meme and one to Alain's mom, who in turn gave us a small pot with two planted. We have quite a bit of Lily of the Valley in the apartment now. It is okay, because it smells nice. I reckon the cut ones won't last long either.
The muguet is suppose to bring happiness, though some believe that only the muguet picked in the wild (not bought in a shop) counts. It is also the national flower of Finland (who knew?) and symbolizes 13 years of marriage for French.
Unlike last year, we didn't go to the Community Fete. We have changed communities, by about three blocks, from Les Chartreux to La Blancarde. This area feels less neighborhoodly, so perhaps they don't do a community party. Ah well. Back to work tomorrow.
(the trains are still on strike BTW). Vive la France!

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