jeudi 24 mai 2007
Tomorrow, May 26th, will be our one-year wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we are opening a bottle of champagne (left over from the reception), eating the Megan & Alain biscuit (I don't know how to describe it, it was part of our chateau piece montée wedding cake- couldn't save the top layer, so I saved that). It is hard to believe at times that it has been a year already. Then I look back at all that has happened- finishing my french courses, buying our apartment in November and moving in, being faced with sudden and unexpected renovations, going to Colorado for Christmas, starting a job. Wow. The year went by quickly but the months were long. Kinda like what they said about VMI- the days go by slowly but the weeks go by quickly, which was totally FALSE in that case. The only thing that went by slower than each day at VMI was week after endless week. Anyway, back to happier things.

We are going Saturday to visit the city of Avignon, about an hour and a half north of Marseille. Neither of us has visited it before. We will visit Saturday and Sunday, then drive back Sunday evening. It should be a fun time. Hopefully it won't be too hot.

In the meantime, I leave you with some pictures. The first shows the piece montee (you can see the Megan & Alain thing in front) and one picture from the place where we had most pictures taken, plus a link to Avignon on Wikipedia.

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6 commentaires:

Samantha a dit…

Wow, that is some cake! And your wedding dress is beautiful - did you buy it in France, or in the US?

Happy Anniversary!!

The Late Bloomer a dit…

Beautiful wedding photo, Megan! You both look so happy... I'm sure it must have been an incredibly memorable moment.

Enjoy your weekend together celebrating your anniversary! Oh, and félicitations!

Anonyme a dit…

Wowww, that cake biscuit thing is ENORMOUS and you look like an absolute princess! Enjoy Avignon (I absolutely love the fairy-tale quality of this city), and Happy Anniversary!

Starman a dit…

Bon Anniversaire! You are a great looking couple.

CraftyRachel a dit…

Happy Anniversary!

Samantha a dit…

Hey Megan, I just saw the comment you left on my blog re: exchanging your license, and I wanted to make sure you knew that you had to do it within your first year of landing on French soil; if you wait til after those first 12 months, it'll be too late. But I'm thinking you've been here longer than that already, non??

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