samedi 28 juillet 2007
I am, I admit, a self-proclaimed Perfume Junkie. I love perfumes. I have way too many of them. It is amazing to me how much a certain scent can bring back a certain memory, person, or even a period of our lives.

In high school, I loved "Navy" and Davidoff's "Cool Water Woman". I still have half of the bottle of Navy left back in the US, and whenever I spritz it, I am a freshman in High school again. My sister-in-law has a bottle of Cool Water at my in-laws house. I sprayed it just to remind myself of what it smelled like and immediately had to wash it off because I couldn't stand the smell of it anymore.

The Body Shop "Jasmine" perfume oil- my rat year at VMI, an upperclassman stopped me and asked what perfume I was wearing. Jasmine Sir! "Damn that smells good! Get the hell out of here!"

Chloe "Narcissa"- Christmas. Don't know why, but I got into the habit of spraying it in my room around Christmas time each year.

Estee Lauder "Pleasures"- a particularly lonely period of graduate school. Another perfume that I can no longer stand and finally just gave it away.

Cacharel "Amor Amor"- a perfume Alain brought me back from France, when it was still not available in the US. Usually people cannot buy perfumes for another person unless you know they love it, but he did well with choosing this one. He had gone with his mother to choose something for me. He immediately thought of Chanel No. 5, as it was the only perfume he could name. Luckily, she was there and told him that he couldn't buy a 24 year old Chanel No 5.

Dior "Miss Dior Cherie"- a perfume I fell instantly in love with and bought specifically for my wedding day.

My current favorite is Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. It is funny how tastes in fashion, food, and perfume seem to change. One thing that hasn't changed is my taste in men- first boyfriend: European, smart, and dark.
Anyway, I smelled this one about ten years ago and found it two strong and overpowering.
Now I can't get enough of it and spray it on about four times per day.
As far as men's perfumes, I am pretty faithful. So far, two boyfriends and husband have all worn Clinique "Happy for Men". This is probably because I have bought it for them.

Current collection photo from left to right:
Cacharel: Amor; Eau Fraiche; la Nouvelle Eau Fraiche; Sunshine
Jennifer Lopez: Still
Lancome: Aroma Tonic
Dior: J'Adore; Miss Dior Cherie
Delish: Clean; Clean Sweet Layer; Provence
Lolita Lempicka: Midnight Fragrance
DKNY: Red Delicious
Gaultier: Classique; Summer

(not pictured)
Michael Kors: Michael
Emporio Armani: She
Clinique: Happy

This is not counting the various small samples and miniatures that I have stashed away, and I pared down quite a bit before moving here. Well, have bought some perfumes since then. If anyone is interested in purchasing/trading some of the above perfumes, let me know and I might be willing.
Alain has all of two, both of which I bought for him:
Emporio Armani: Black Code
Clinique: Happy for Men

I wish I could have one signature scent, but alas, don't think that will happen.

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jana a dit…

My perfumes change every few years. I can't stand wearing the scents I wore in high school, yet smelling them is such a walk down memory lane.

My last favorite expensive perfume was 'LouLou' by Cacharel which you can't find in the States anymore. Every once in awhile I consider ordering a bottle online and then I chicken out, thinking that a scent I loved 10 years ago probably wouldn't smell as sweet to me now and I'd be wasting my money. Now I wear a vanilla spray from The Body Shop and occasionally the vanilla or amber romance scent from Victoria's Secret.

CraftyRachel a dit…

Oh I know just what you mean! When I was going through stuff in my parents' basement last week I found a box from high school with a bottle of "Encounter" (by Victoria Secret) in it. Took me right back to 1995.

I love Gaultier, too, but right now only have one bottle of perfume with me: Issy Miyake's "L'eau d'Issy" - my husband bought it for me and then later told me he had bought it for every long-term girlfriend he ever had. It smells amazing to I had to get over that!

The Late Bloomer a dit…

I used to be a "signature scent" girl and for something like five years I wore Hanae Mori Butterfly... But then gradually I got tired of it and had to move on, and I phased through several Chanel perfumes -- I loved Coco Mademoiselle for SOOOO long, and then got tired of it too.

For now, I'm happy with Calvin Klein's latest, Euphoria. But one day soon that will probably change! I hold onto my old bottles too, even though I know that most of them are so old and so "turned " that they can't be used anymore. I just like having them on my dresser!

Poppy Fields a dit…

I am not much of a scent lover. The first perfume my french boyfriend/now husband bought me was Anaïs Anaïs. Very floral, apparently it's what he bought for his previous girlfriend, too. I never wore it, but still have the bottle.

Caitlin a dit…

I love Amor Amor!!! I get lots of compliments and when I tell people what it is, they don't seem to know it. Glad to see a fellow Amor Amor enthusiast!

Run Around Paris a dit…

Lolita Lempicka is my absolute favorite!

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