lundi 26 mai 2008
Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary. We had originally planned to go to visit Orange for the weekend, but had too much going on to get around to actually reserving a hotel room. On Saturday we went for an afternoon barbeque with Alain's two best men (one of which now has a 5 month old son). On Sunday, which also happened to be la Fête des Mères, we went to visit his parents' for lunch. The weather has not been nice lately. We took a quick walk around the village of Lançon and visited the church where we were married.

I spent the afternoon doing my US taxes- Since I make less than 85000$ per year, live in France, and don't work for a US entity, I don't have to pay taxes. But I still get to try and figure out these forms. Live in a foreign country and have twice as many tax forms to fill out every year! Yay!!06:19

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The Late Bloomer a dit…

Happy Anniversary, Megan! Must be a great feeling. Lovely photo too.

As expats abroad, we typically have that automatic extension 'til sometime in June, right? I can never keep it straight... I still have to do a couple back years, as a matter of fact! I obviously don't owe any taxes either, but when I contacted the U.S. Embassy about it, the guy was so laid-back about things i figured there was no hurry. But every year I make the same mistake -- I lose track of my tax statement from the year before and therefore can't remember exactly what I need to fill out -- so frustrating!

(I'm so bad at paperwork in general anyway -- can you tell?)

Starman a dit…

I think every country makes their tax forms so complicated only a tax lawyer can figure them out correctly. Last year, I sent my form and all the tax info to the IRS and let them do it.

They did it wrong.

Celine V. a dit…

Enjoy reading your blog. I'm french and have lived 12 years in Oregon. I'm moving back to France in September and will be need to be in Marseille. aie aie aie!

Lovely picture of your wedding!

Anonyme a dit…
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deedee a dit…

Hi Megan, Happy Anniversary.

ps: you can find oreos in the new hyper Casino in Lambesc :)

Anonyme a dit…

happy anniversary. i have heard the weather has not been good lately, loads of rain. lovely picture too.

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