mardi 6 mai 2008
A year and a half ago, when we bought our apartment, we had to open a bank account with another bank. We decided to keep our bank account at La Banque Postale, so we have in effect two accounts, 'his' and 'hers'. Not really intentionally to split our money, but it seemed easier as far as access to money, the different savings account options, etc. Alain wanted to cancel his La Poste debit card, as he now had one at the new bank, and unlike US banks, you have to pay for the services such as having a debit card, checking your account online, etc. He sent a letter in October I think it was to the financial center, saying that he wanted to cancel his credit card. Never heard anything back. We didn't do much about it, until we decided to open some more savings accounts, specifically for our retirement. I made an appointment with a financial consultant of La Poste. While there (at the beginning of March), we brought up the subject of his debit card again. She sent in the letter and his debit card, asking them again to cancel it. Nothing for a month. Again in April we complained and she sent the information again. On Friday we received a letter from La Poste, happily informing us that following our request, our account has been transferred from an account Adesio to a "compte simple". Uh oh. Not sure what they did but I am pretty sure it wasn't the right thing.
Saturday morning I go to La Poste to buy some stamps. I use the automated weighing machine instead of having to stand in line for half an hour. This machine only takes coins or debit cards. No problem! I have my debit card! After about five minutes of weighing all my packages and letters, I stick in my debit card, enter the code. Code bon. (which is a relief since I have been having problems with the whole pesky 'remember your pin number' thing, which happened again in March and it took me three weeks to get a new card. Another reason why I *love* La Banque Postale. Anyway. Moving on.)

Operation annulé.

Hmm, perhaps the machine just isn't hooked up to the network properly. I will get some cash from the ATM. I stick in my card, enter the pin number. Code bon. Nothing.

Try again. Code bon. Still nothing.

Suddenly it hits me. Those idiots have canceled MY credit card as well/instead of Alain's!

Now I have really had it.

For our retirement account, they were supposed to start withdrawing the money in April, and they never did because they got mixed up with the dates. It will supposedly start in May. Yes, because 04 is quite similar to 05.

For my Livret A savings account, they continued to withdraw money from my checking account, even though my Livret A was full and we asked them repeatedly to stop.

They leave me without access to money AGAIN.

I think this time we have finally had it and are going to stop our checking account, cancel the retirement account, leave the Livret As in place, and transfer my paychecks to Alain's bank.

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Anonyme a dit…

Hi Megan - so now what do you do? I'm a bit nervous about the whole banking system in hear so many horror stories. We are going to open an account with Credit Agricole. I take it you can't just go down to the local branch of La Banque Postale and get it straightened out or call the manager of the branch like you can do here in the states. Keep us posted.

Starman a dit…

Come on now, you know the French NEVER make mistakes.

deedee a dit…

When we moved to this town from the Var and I started working, I opened up a Poste account because there wasn't our bank. After many mega problems and after our bank opened a branch in our town, I gave up and closed my Poste account. Oh well, I did try.

Antoine a dit…

I hate that when you move you have to "move your branch", it took us months to get that all straightened out. When we went to buy our car, our local branch wouldn't let us get a cashier's check because they weren't our "home branch". I am with HSBC now, they always have an English speaking person at every branch.
--BTW, been between Marseille and Toulon for 1 year now. Happy 4th of July.

Brandi a dit…

The comment above (Antoine) is mine.
oops, looks like someone didn't log out of their email.

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