jeudi 22 mai 2008
These past few months I have been spending many weekends (not every weekend, but every other weekend or so) washing our walls. I removed the wallpaper back in August (oh what a fun week off from work that was!). Since then, they have been just sitting there, covered in glue bits and grime. Well, I guess they have to just sit there, they aren't going to get up and walk away or anything...
So before we can paint them, I have to get all the grime off, then Alain is putting a hole-filler-inner coat of goo on, then sanding and sanding and sanding. Next we will have to find some crown molding in polystyrene, cut and glue the crown molding, (which will we have to buy from a specialty store because of the size we need) and paint. But I don't want to think about that yet.

Basic process for wall cleaning is: push all furniture back from the walls.
(Oh how this whole entire process would have been easier if we had done it before moving in!)
Boil water.
Pour several scoops of a pine resin chemical into a bucket, add boiling water and really hot water.
Take old sponges.
Put hands in boiling hot chemical water.
Scrub scrub scrub.
Do about 5 meters squared per day.
Clean up sticky water on floor.
Wonder: where the heck is this rash on my hands coming from?
This is really puzzling.

I am embarassed to say how long it took me to connect the two events.
I have a rash on my wedding ring finger that just will not go away. I have tried everything- putting creams on. Not putting creams on. Soaking hand in bleach (that was FUN).
Every time I think it is almost gone it returns with a vengence.
Be glad I haven't posted pictures.
People have asked me if everything is alright in our marriage.
Yes of course, why do you ask?
Oh no reason.

One week later- oh, duh Megan. They noticed that you haven't been wearing your wedding ring for MONTHS.
I kid Alain that he is married but I am not.

I may never be able to wear my wedding ring again, but damn those are some clean walls. Too bad nobody will appreciate my sacrifice once they have been painted over.
(Oh, and for anybody wondering- no, gloves would not have helped. The water gets through anyway and you can't scrub as well with gloves on).
Sigh. Back to wall scrubbin'. I have about 10 meters squared left to go.

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The Telfers In France a dit…

I had dermatitis on my hands for years and couldn't wear a ring for a full day without it flaring up again. I couldn't work out what was causing it, but now I have been in France for 3 months and have no trouble at all! I'm wearing my wedding ring and my lovely diamond engagement ring again for the first time in years.

But when you don't wear rings you are treated differently by certain men, don't you agree??

Starman a dit…

I would have worn rubber gloves or I would not have done it.

alisa a dit…

I had the same thing with my wedding ring....found out it was from soap in the crevices of the ring. Clean your ring really you have a jeweler you can take it to? Once I cleaned it really good I didn't have the problem anymore...I thought I was allergic to it or the marriage, but was just soap. Although I did divorce the man who's ring did that to me, but that's another story.

Anonyme a dit…
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