mercredi 7 mai 2008

It just occured to me that four years ago today Alain and I got engaged in Paris, a whopping 6 whole months after our first date.

We were still living in the US at the time and had come to France for two weeks. It was my first time in France. (At least that I remember). I met his family for the first time. The weather was terrible the whole time we were in France. Sure glad I brought my bathing suit! I was expecting nice sunny South of France in summer.

We took the TGV up to Paris and stayed there for about four days I think. Alain had to pass the oral exam for the CNRS- boy was he nervous! There were about 60 candidates for three spots. He had his exam on the first day- now that I think about it, we are lucky the SNCF wasn't on strike that day or else our whole future might have been different if we had been stuck in Marseille.

We visited the Eiffel Tower, took the Seine river cruise, Notre Dame, visited the Louvre but didn't go in, the Jardins de Luxembourg (I think that's the name?). It was a great time. Not too many tourists. We haven't been back since.

(Photo disclaimer- I have no memory of us taking this picture. If we are not the copyright owners, then sorry, didn't mean to steal it.)

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Starman a dit…

Bon anniversaire!!

MilkJam a dit…

i'm delurking to ask you a quick question...
i was wondering if you could give me some advice... i'm heading down to Montpellier next week to visit a friend, but she'll be working 2 of the days i'm there so i'd like to do some day trips - i was thinking avignon and carcassonne. if i reserve the tickets now they're cheaper, are those places where you need a good full day to see everything? i've never been down south before! so excited!! :-)

Anonyme a dit…

4 years ago.....congratulations. what a lovely place to get engaged. maybe you need to take a trip there to celebrate.

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