jeudi 7 août 2008
We have decided to build a closet in our bedroom, in order to take advantage of our 3 meter high ceilings. Except that we don't have any place to actually put the closet, so we decided to build two walls, one next to the radiator and one right when you enter in the room. It sure isn't easy working with these old buildings, where nothing is standard size. For example, standard kitchen cupboards and appliances are 60 cm wide. We have one wall where the sink goes that is 125, and another that is 110. It is quite a game of mix and match. And our doors are 208 cm high, and now the standard sizes are 204 or 211. Ah well. Back to the story.

Last weekend we went to Castorama and bought 65 bricks. Brought them back, unloaded them, hauled them up to our apartment, and stacked them in the hallway.

This weekend, as Alain is off from work, he started building the walls. It went surprisingly fast, in three days he had finished.

Now we (he really) has to finish them, then redo the rest of the wall in the bedroom, then we will probably start painting. Woohoo! Also have to build the shelves in the closet and order the doors, which will have to be special made. The biggest they can make is 2.8 meters. Sigh. We will have to use a suspension rod system that comes down from the ceiling for the top rail of the doors, which shall be very expensive. But at least we will finally have closet space.

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