vendredi 13 février 2009
Around this time of year, there is only one thing on my mind- La Printemps.
When the cold Mistral is ablowin' as I'm awaitin' the bus, all I can think is "How can a place that is so freakin' HOT in the summer, be this incredibly COLD in the winter?!"
It isn't usually below freezing but it sure feels like it with the wind.
I think my WF (Wuss Factor) has significantly increased since I moved here. I am a long ways away from the days when I was crawling through mud in the snow.
The days are slowly getting lighter (is that a glimmer of sunlight as I drive to work?) and people are starting to talk about summer vacation, which will most likely be the same as usual for us- a long weekend in San Remo, complete with complaining about the rocky beaches and the lack of a shower, (but with plenty of gelati and pasta at least), followed by working on the apartment like mad during August. Would like to go up to Bretagne, we haven't seen Alain's maternal grandmother since I moved here in 2005. But just don't know if we will be able to take a week off from apartment-renovating. Put it another way, if this apartment isn't done by the end of August, I really will pêter un cable.
February/March will bring several new babies into our circle of family/friends.
(And just to preempt the inevitable inquiry- No, not yet Pepe).
Here's to Spring!

4 commentaires:

screamish a dit…

hey megan your post is full of expletives like %%*39µµ! are these deliberate? theyre very funny anyway especially when you talk about Alain's %**XX! grandmother.

yeah renovations. We've now owned our ruin of a house over a year and its still not finished. We thought maybe four months. HA HA HA HA HA AHHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! %%%µµ**xx"§!!!!

amerigirl a dit…

Gosh, We wasted so much time when we lived in SLC on home repairs and renovation that we really missed out. We never went to the Grand Canyon or Napa Valley. Living in a broken apartment is tough, but try to enjoy yourself before any little ones do arrive. Maybe you could make a party of it, I could think of a couple in the VAR that might help given enough pizza and beer (and a safe place to hold the little one).

Starman a dit…

So, I guess you don't want to know that it's in the mid-20Cs here.

poppy fields a dit…

If the wind blows again today, me too, I will pêter un cable.

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