jeudi 26 février 2009
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you "The Evolution of Dating".

First date: start preparing a few days/weeks ahead of time. What should I wear? Do these jeans go with that top? What sort of attitude do I want to be projecting? Finally, I have absolutely nothing that I can wear. Let's go shopping! Pick out new jeans and new red tube top. The day of the date- paint finger and toenails red. Put on sparkly body lotions. All the while asking yourself: Is this really a date-date, or is it just a "let's hang out" thing? How do Frenchmen go about dating anyway?

Married date: Dang. You mean when I get home from work I can't change into my sweats? Actually honey, I am too tired from work. Can't I just freshen up my makeup and open a bottle of wine and we will pretend that we at a small cozy bistro, never mind our neighbor's blaring tv? no?

Married with kids date: Let's grab a hotdog and a soda from the IKEA cafeteria after we buy the Björn table for the living room and the Klürstat shelves for the kid's room while they are playing at the IKEA childcare service, then we'll pick them up and stop at the hardware store on the way home before we mount the furniture we bought. Happy tenth anniversary honey!


It is no secret that once you get married, your efforts to impress the other person (wear something other than sweatpants, put on makeup, do something with your hair other than ponytail, etc) greatly decrease. However, after months of work, apartment, work, studying for patent exam, apartment, apartment, apartment, Alain and I decided to go on a "date".

Which basically requires that we both come home from work at the early early time of 6:30 (I felt guilty for leaving at my scheduled time of 5 instead of my usual 6:15), NOT change into sweats, and go downtown to the Vieux Port for dinner.

We didn't celebrate Valentine's Day/Alain's Birthday (I wanted to go to Orange for the weekend but his motorcycle class got in the way), so this was overdue.

So we took the metro downtown, walked around the Vieux Port for awhile, then started the restaurant hunting- walk a couple of meters, stop to read a restaurant's menu/specials of the day, try not to be too conspicuous as you check out the restaurant (are there any other diners in there? Do they look like they are enjoying themselves? How many waiters are there?) then move to the next restaurant and repeat.

The restaurants in the Vieux Port area are mostly, get this, seafood! I am not a HUGE seafood fan, but can usually find something that I will like. However, we finally decided on a small creperie. Alain is half Breton, so he quite likes crepes.

This restaurant was quite cute inside- one wall was covered in vines (fake) and branches and leaves, and on the other side of the restaurant was a huge papier-maché tree. The crepes were good, but not as good as another creperie in Marseille that we know. We ordered a bottle of cider and were both quite mellow by the end of the meal.

My problem with restaurants in France is the same as my problem with eating holidays meals with Alain's family- It. Takes. Bloody. Forever.

Really, I don't need two hours to eat two crepes. I guess they don't want to rush you, which is fine, but there are limits.

All in all, a good way to reconnect, and something everyone should do more often. Even if you have to lock your kids in their bedrooms while you go out to eat.

(Kidding people, kidding).

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Anonyme a dit…

I love this post. You have it exactly right. It sounds like you had a great time together. I enjoyed a Breton crepe last weekend myself :)

Jennie a dit…

That's why I hate eating at restaurants too - I don't want to sit there for 2 hours when I finish eating in 20 minutes. I'd much rather order in or cook something myself (even though I hate cooking) instead of going to a restaurant.

Anonyme a dit…

How sweet! It's great that you two got out and had a romantic dinner, even if it was long.

amerigirl a dit…

My French husband has planned a very romantic date for tonight. We found a sitter and are going to see a movie. Gran Torino. Ha! Where's the romance, maybe we will grab a hot dog....

Starman a dit…

I LOVE that it can take two hours to eat a crépe. It gives you time to wind down and really get into the evening.
I would lock the kids in the cellar.

screamish a dit…

ha! i love the Married Date section/ It always seems like a good idea at the time but then you get home from work and all you want to do is turn on the tv and open the wine

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