dimanche 22 février 2009
Last weekend, Alain and I (well, mostly Alain, but I held the other end of the ruler and stuff) finished putting up our humongo custom-made closet doors.
(see these two posts Placard and Great Wall of Alain)

As our ceilings are 2.9 meters high, we had to have our doors custom-made. The standard size is 2.5 meters, and the largest they do is 2.8 meters. So we decided to have three doors made, two with a wood-paneling motif and the third as a mirror, each 70 cm wide.

(our doors, mirror on the right, gap at the top)

When we were first looking around to buy these babies, we picked out a model and asked how much it would be. 1500€. Yikes.

It turns out that it (mainly) depends on what type of metallic border you want- aluminum very very expensive but lighter. Not worth it in my opinion.

We waited for the doors to be on sale, then ordered all three of them for 630€. They said it would take about 6 weeks to make.

They were done at the beginning of January, so one Sunday morning Alain's parents met us at Castorama, where we picked up the doors, loaded them into a rental van, and brought them to Marseille (in the rain, naturally). We could have had them delivered, but it would have been about 100€ more.

Alain spent a few weekends putting up the rails, and then we mounted the doors last weekend. As there is a 10 cm gap between the top of the rail and the ceiling, we bought a piece of wood that I painted blue and that will hide the gap.

Still haven't actually put our clothes inside, one thing at a time.

4 commentaires:

Dedene a dit…

Bricolage stinks if you ask me. You and A are very courageous. They look great!

Starman a dit…

Your apartment is going to be trés, trés beau.

poppy fields a dit…

I like those doors. One of these days, you are going to have one fine apartment.

Jess a dit…

They look great!

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