mardi 24 février 2009
Learned another new verb the other day.
The hard way.
"se vautre" is a reflexive verb meaning "to sprawl on" like "to sprawl on the couch."
However, in slang terms, it also can be used to mean something along the lines of "to take a digger" "to fall flat on your face" or "to splat".
I am usually able to handle a) walking b) on a flat surface c) indoors.
But other times it is all just too much for me.
I was walking across my office at work when all of a sudden, it was like I was on ice.
Wow. I think I might have made a dent in the tile.
Nothing bruised or broken, but boy I felt stupid.

One of those times you wish there was a small animal or annoying child to break your fall.
Didn't help that two of my colleagues were right there.
Actually, my officemate had slipped (but not face-planted) earlier in the day in the exact same spot.

I think my audience didn't know whether to laugh or to go rent a forklift to pry me off the ground.
Conclusion: se vautre. Dangerous verb.

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Attention de ne pas te faire casser la gueule !

Starman a dit…

One would think that after two people had taken a spill in the same location, someone would have checked to find the problem.

Anonyme a dit…

Oh, that is embarrassing. Because misery loves company,I feel compelled to tell you of an embarrassing fall of mine; In college, I once fell face first into a puddle of slushy ice while walking in front of a Fraternity house. Instead of helping me up or asking if I was ok, they felt it necessary to just stand there and laugh.

themikestand a dit…

Ouch. Y'know, I was thinking about that very activity (falling spectacularly) this morning as I nursed my possibly-cracked ribs in the shower. Short version of my own story is that I was playing indoor Ultimate and tripped while trying to defend against a thrown frisbee. I wound up flying and landing on my chest, volleyball-dive style. Normally, that's called a "lay out", but for me, I think I could amend it to "splay-out".

There. Long comment. Mostly about me! Did you miss me, Megan? :)

PS Thanks for the french lesson. I'm sadly no longer in the government which pays for me to become bilingual again.

screamish a dit…

ive been here ten years and i never knew that word!! Im going to use it every day from now on...somehow find the occasion, and if there isntone, create it (ouch)

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