dimanche 28 mars 2010
Yesterday, Alain's great-uncle was invited to give a speech at a ceremony honoring Henri Fabre, a French aviation pioneer.
Henri Fabre (1882 - 1984) was from this area and developed the first sea plane. Here is the Wikipedia article on him:

Note : It's Marseille not MarseilleS! (one of my pet peeves)

Anyway, for the 100-year anniversary of his first flight in his contraption (you wouldn't get me up in that thing), the city of Marignane inaugurated a round-about and a school in his honor.
Alain's great-uncle Michel, right, (un vrai Résistant) had given a speech a few months ago about Henri Fabre, and was invited to present the same speech for the inauguration. Michel is a history buff, especially for World War 2 and local history, so he was quite pleased. He will in fact talk your ear off for several hours if you let him. He was also tickled pink that Alain married an American, and brought out his French-American veteran group card to show me and all the Americans who came for the wedding.
Side note : French who were alive during World War 2, especially those who fought in the war, are much friendlier towards Americans. Gee, I wonder why that is?
Three buses of Henri Fabre's family arrived (about 45 minutes late) for the inauguration from all over France. After an unveiling of the sign for the round-about and the mural, Michel gave his speech, then Henri Fabre's grandson gave a short speech, and then, in true French style, time for drinks in the elementary school.

Any bets on how long the mural will stay un-graffitied?

2 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

Well, you couldn't expect the French family members to be on time, that's so un-French.

frenchkiss a dit…

1 week without graffiti. I always felt so sad for the people with properties by the main road that have graffiti on their house, I would have to get a shotgun for that (and I am pretty antigun).

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