samedi 6 mars 2010
Was studying my Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle law book, which contains all the laws in France relating to Intellectual property- patents, trademarks, copyright, etc.
Was looking through the index for "Licencié" and found "Lingerie".
Hmm, interesting. Not really sure what Lingerie has to do with intellectual property.
Let's see, shall we?

- Industrie saisonnière L. 112-2

(Including only the English translation here)

(Act No. 94-361 of 10 May 1994 art. 2 Official Journal of 11 May 1994)
The following, in particular, shall be considered works of the mind within the meaning of this Code:
1°.books, pamphlets and other literary, artistic and scientific writings;
2°.lectures, addresses, sermons, pleadings and other works of such nature;
3°.dramatic or dramatico-musical works;
4°.choreographic works, circus acts and feats and dumb-show works, the acting form of which is set down in writing or in other manner;
5°.musical compositions with or without words;
6°.cinematographic works and other works consisting of sequences of moving images, with or without sound, together referred to as audiovisual works;
7°.works of drawing, painting, architecture, sculpture, engraving and lithography;
8°.graphical and typographical works;
9°.photographic works and works produced by techniques analogous to photography;
10°.works of applied art;
11°.illustrations, geographical maps;
12°.plans, sketches and three-dimensional works relative to geography, topography, architecture and science;
13°.software, including the preparatory design material;
14°.creations of the seasonal industries of dress and articles of fashion. Industries which, by reason of the demands of fashion, frequently renew the form of their products, particularly the making of dresses, furs, underwear, embroidery, fashion, shoes, gloves, leather goods, the manufacture of fabrics of striking novelty or of special use in high fashion dressmaking, the products of manufacturers of articles of fashion and of footwear and the manufacture of fabrics for upholstery shall be deemed to be seasonal industries.

Well gee, sure glad they spelled that out.

Let's check out other national legislation for references to intellectual property protection of underwear, shall we?

Occurences in the US Federal Code : 0
Occurences in the European Patent Convention: 0

Only the French.

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screamish a dit…

choreographic works? with lingerie? ha!

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This country... fascinating! TOTALLY AWESOME funnies!

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