jeudi 25 mars 2010
Ever since moving here, we have been on the lookout for a garage or parking spot for sale. It is a bit easier to find parking in this neighbor than others, but it is still impossible after say 8 pm. Several weekend mornings, when I would much rather NOT be getting up at 7 am to move the car, have had to get up and move the car. Sigh.

Anyway, the problem here is that there just aren't any for sale. Those that have a parking spot/garage hold on to it zealously.

I have email alerts set up on several different websites for parking/garage in this arrondisement.
I usually get about one a month and click on it eagerly, only to be disappointed in that it is a kilometer or so away, or for a 200 m2 space for 200K +.
Last night I received one, Blvd (ours) 14,400€. Hallelujah!

I started calling the agency this morning at 9. As these puppies are rare, you have to jump on the opportunity.
Not open yet. 9:30. Still not open.
10. Finally someone answers!
I eagerly ask where exactly the parking spot is.
(These agencies could filter out about 90% of the calls by just giving more precise information as to where it is located, say, narrowed down to a block instead of just "on blvd X")
He explained where it is, which is unfortunately a bit further than is useful for us. For that price, I want something within about 50 m because we can usually find a parking spot that is only semi-illegal (crosswalks, sidewalks, etc) and for the occasional 35€ ticket it works out to be worth it.

Sigh. Pass.

I gave him our name, phone number, and where we were looking for. Price range?
Well, I don't know, what is the going rate for firstborns lately?

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screamish a dit…

oh yeah...marseille parking. i had friends who rented a garage on blv Baille for 50 euros a the time ithought it was a fortune but i think it was quite a good deal now

Starman a dit…

One of the reasons we would like to live in Paris is that we wouldn't need a car. Good luck!

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