mercredi 26 mai 2010

A very important wedding anniversary for me- now I can finally file my papers to start the process of obtaining French nationality!

And here I am, stuck in a 6-hour technical exam...
Well, maybe it will bring me luck for my exam.

(for anyone wondering, also shown are Alain's sister, her husband, and their daughter)

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Anonyme a dit…

Congratulations on being an old married couple. Your photo is beautiful as are you in it.
Good luck now with the fun citizenship process!

Starman a dit…

Bon Annniversaire!

Ksam a dit…

Congratulations on both accounts!

And I don't know if it's the same everywhere, but it sounds like the changes they've been talking about forever (ie giving the préfs more power in the citizenship decision process) will take effect June 1st. It's supposed to speed up the process - let's cross our fingers!

Mwa a dit…


And cute picture, by the way.
Good luck in the exams!

themikestand a dit…

Congratulations, Megan and Alain!

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