mardi 18 mai 2010
Am off from work this week, studying for my big exams next week. On Wednesday, our four year wedding anniversary, I have the most important test, the Technical Exam. I won't bore you (too much with details) but basically we are given a patent to study (French or European), as well as two to four prior art documents, so then we have to say whether the patent is valid with respect to the prior art documents, and then evaluate a supposed infringing product or process, as well as answer some legal questions, such as estimate the amount of damages the patentee can collect, whether the seizure of conterfeit goods was legal, etc.

As part of my studying, I am reviewing the previous year's exams. The test, either Chemistry or Mechanical depending on your speciality (I chose Mechanical as I abhor Chemistry) is 5-hours long, but I get an extra hour because I am not French. It takes me forever to go through these documents. Sometimes I get one or two prior art documents in English, which helps. $

Anyway, on to the Ironic part.

Today I am studying the 2006 exam, entitled "Tuyau pour canalisations du type a double enveloppe d'isolation thermique" (Pipe for piping systems with a double thermal insulation enveloppe)
Basically, the patent is all about protecting pipes for underwater oil pipelines, to protect them from the temperature differences between the hot petrol and the cold seawater.

Hmm, current affairs anyone?

I admit I haven't really been following the recent developments in the oil spill? disaster?
It is being covered in the media, but I've been in a study time and space warp lately. I can't wait until the end of May.

Well, that is until I begin studying for the oral exams at the end of June, for which I won't know whether I am accepted until about a day or two before, but hey, that's the French Education System.

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Mwa a dit…

Very ironic. I once did something on patents as well. (Very short course.) Sounds terribly complicated.

Starman a dit…

Quelle une coïncidence. All you really need to know about the "spill", is that BP is not doing much to stop it. BP and Halliburton are blaming it on each other. And it is getting worse every day.

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