mardi 17 janvier 2006
Counting in French is quite interesting.
Numbers 1-16 are pretty simple, except I can't tell the difference between 2 (deux) and 12 (doze).
17-19 are dix-sept (ten seven), dix-huit (ten eight), dix-neuf (ten nine)
I used to pronounce 9 like noove, which Alain thought was funny. Apparently, it rhymes with snuff.
20-69 are pretty normal, but after 69 it gets tricky.
70= soixante dix (sixty ten)
71= soixante et onze (sixty eleven)
72= soixante et doze (sixty twelve)
77= soixante dix sept (sixty ten seven)
etc til 80
80= quatre vingt (four twenties)
81=quatre vingt un (four twenties one)
90=quatre vingt dix
97=quatre vingt dix sept (four twenties ten seven)
til 100.
At least in English it is just Seventy Seven, Eighty Seven, etc. Not four twenties, a five, a two plus a seven, minus a four.

The alphabet is pretty regular, all the same letters. Except e is pronouned euh, i is eee, g is jay, and j is gee.
There are the accent marks too
é è ê ë à ç etc.

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