jeudi 12 janvier 2006

Most people who have been to Europe are amazed by the small size of the cars. Well, if you have ever tried to park or had to fill up a gas tank, you will understand why small cars are preferrable, compared to say a HUMMER.
For good or bad, the french car company Renault came out with a Mégane car in 2000 ?. Now, everyone knows my name. "Oh, comme la voiture?" The french version, obviously, has the accent and extra e (may-gahne), which makes it a feminine name in French. Megan is unfortunately masculine. I have started to pronounce my own name differently, as above, compared to how I used to pronounce it (may-gihn). I would love to buy a Mégane eventually, but perhaps one of the older models. Another adorable car is the Smart car, as shown. Excellent for parking, not so great for hauling anything other than yourself around, and extremely expensive.
Introducing SMART, the car that redefines mobility. ZAP is proud to soon offer one of the most fuel-efficient, gas-powered cars on the planet. This new car has been designed as the car of the future with many "smart" features that address today's crowded urban traffic and rising energy prices. Don't be fooled
by its charming, futuristic look, the SMART will surprise you with its handling, its stylish, roomy interior for 2 passengers, and its innovative design. After taking Europe by storm, ZAP is bringing the Americanized version that is a U.S. Compliant direct import automobile.
Assuming that one day I have a car, I guess I will have to take the plunge and drive here in France. The fact that I can't parallel park for the life of me is a bit of a hinderance. Where in the US do you have to parallel park in spaces that are half a foot bigger than the length of your car on a daily basis?

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