vendredi 27 janvier 2006
So, once I get up and get going and all that fun stuff, I usually head out the door at around 8:15. I walk to school, dodging small children on the way. Most parents seem to walk their (small) children to school. It is nice to get out, get some fresh air, avoiding the crowded subways. If I take the subway, I've got to get the 8:25 train, otherwise it is packed. So I walk down the Boulevard of the Republic, past the tramway construction. Pass the church Reformes and walk down the Canebiere. It is very nice in the morning because you can see all the way down to the Vieux Port and the sun is just hitting the tops of the buildings, which are all very ornately carved stone. It is quite odd to see a glowing neon McDonalds shoved into a 17th century building, but there you have it.
Get to my school, which opens at 8:45. Class officially starts at 9, but usually a few minutes later than that as people straggle in. Sit until about 11 when we have a ten minute break. Some students leave, some come, some stay. Me, I am there always. Taking the maximum number of hours of French per week. I feel my brain dribbling out my ears at times. At 1, everyone gets kicked out to go eat lunch. If I have afternoon class, I grab a sandwich or bring my own, and wander around on the streets for awhile, looking at shops, exploring new streets. There are some quite fancy shops here, like Louis Vuitton, and Nocibé, which is french for "really expensive slips of nothing". Also typical stores that you would find in the US, like Nike, Body Shop, H&M, etc.
A little before 2, I head back and prepare for another 2 hours. I hate sitting for such a long time. I take the Metro home, play around on the computer and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer in French. Alain comes home usually around 6:30 or later.
(Mom took this picture, suprising us while doing the dishes. VMI alums- notice anything? Also, notice the Rum, Swedish chef mugs, and Nutella on the table. Fabulous)
We eat dinner, do the dishes, watch TV or a movie, and go to bed. Sometimes we go to karate, or go out, but not too much during the week. And as it is dark by 6:30 now, there isn't much to do. Next morning, 7 am repeat with feeling.

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