mardi 31 janvier 2006
Warning: If you are vegetarian, and especially if you are vegan, DO NOT move to France. I am not vegetarian, but as I actually like the taste of some items such as tofu and veggie burgers, they are very difficult to find. The closest I have found is Tomato or Onion patties. "Eureka!" I thought. "I actually found some!"
Reads ingredients: 60% meat. Nope, I guess not.
I suppose somewhere in some specialized food store or perhaps up in Paris, it might be possible to find vegetarian foods and restaurants. Down here in Provence, good luck. The Provence guidebook states:
Uniquely vegetarian restaurants are hard to find, as this concept has yet to filter down to the carnivorous South. Most establishments will offer salads, omelets or soup, or dishes from the entrée (side note: Appetizer!) menu. Some can rustle up a concoction of Provençal vegetables if given enough warning.
When invited for a meal at someone's home, you had better anticipate that it will have meat of some kind, fowl, or seafood. Or slithering things. (But I prefer not to think about those and would rather not be told what it is I am eating.) If you are a strict vegetarian, it is best to warn the hostess ahead of time. They will think you are a crazy American though.
If you are vegan, it will be extremely difficult to find meals, as there are many many dishes made with cheeses, milk, cream. And they love love love yogurt here. They have entire food aisles devoted to it. One thing the french find strange about the US is that you can buy yogurt in packs of one. Not so here. The smallest I have seen is a four pack. And yogurt is not just a breakfast thing either. It is often eaten in the evening as a snack or dessert.

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