lundi 16 janvier 2006
One of the most frustrating things that I have not yet been able to master here in France is figuring out when the heck the stores are open. Some are open all day, some close for lunch. Most grocery stores are closed on Sundays. The stores that close for lunch can close between 12 and 1:30, 1 and 2:30, 1 and 3, who knows. Some stores that are open Sunday are not open Monday. Some are open just in the mornings, even Christmas morning. As a person who likes to do errands and shopping during lunch, it drives me bonkers. I walked to the grocery store today, arriving a few minutes before 2. Nope, sorry, closed until 2:30. They stay open fairly late, at least until 7, even 9.
I need to make a Spreadsheet with store names and operating hours for each day of the week for quick reference.

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