mardi 10 janvier 2006

On Christmas Eve, we ate at Alain's parent's house (see previous entry, le 13 Desserts). At around 11:30, we walked to the village church, where we will be getting married. Alain, his sister Lucie, her husband Nicholas, their daughter Manon, my parents, and I all went. The church was gorgeous inside with the lighting. When we arrived the church was not too full, but eventually it filled up. In previous years, I guess they had a living nativity scene, complete with sheep and the traditional fife and drum players, but not anymore.
I thought it would be a fairly short ceremony, but obviously I know nothing about the Catholic Church. They read the story of the Nativity, first in French (which I can barely understand), then in Provençal (not at all, not even most of the French people understand it). After each passage, we were regaled by a lively rendition from five adolescent accordion players. We also sang some songs, Dad singing the same version in English. :)

Here is the french version of "Angels We Have Heard on High"

Les anges dans nos campagnes ont entonné l'hymne des cieux
et l'echo de nos montagnes redit ce chant mélodieux:

Gloria in excelsis Deo!

Ils annoncent la naissance du libérateur d'Israël
et, pleins de reconnaissance, chantent en ce jour solennel:

Cherchons tous l'heureux village qui l'a vu naître sous ses toits;
offrons-lui le tendre hommage et de nos coeurs et de nos voix:

Dans l'humilité profonde ou vous paraissez à nos yeux,
pour vous louer, Dieu du monde, nour redirons ce chant joyeux:

Bergers, quittez vos retraites, unissez-vous à leurs concerts,
et que vos tendres musettes fassent retentir dans les airs:

At midnight the baby was put in the nativity, people took communion, and we left
around 12:30 (to go back and eat the 13 desserts.)

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