vendredi 13 janvier 2006

Salon is a town nearby Lancon. The guidebook states that it is known for olives and soap. It is dominated by the castellated Château de l'Empéri, which was once home of the archbishops of Arles. Rebuilt in the 13th century, this medieval fortress is today in perfect condition as it has been restored and
maintained with the utmost care and is now a museum, containing a large collection of military items from Louis 14th to WWI.
The french Air Force officer's college, La Patrouille Aérienne de France, is also right outside Salon. (So I went from one Air Force Academy to another. )
In the northern section of the old town is where the French physician and astronomer Michel de Nostredame is buried, otherwise known as Nostradamus. He is the most famous citizen of Salon, and it is where he wrote his book of predictions. His house is in the old district and it is now a museum which details his life and unique personality.
In July there is a four day Gospel music festival with concerts in the château, street performances, and song workshops.
The center of town is a walking-only area with small shops and restaurants. There are also many fountains scattered throughout the town.

Sites to visit:
18th century porte de l'horloge. (clock tower gate)
17th century town hall.
18th century Moussue fountain.
13th century St Michel church.
18th century Collégiale St Laurent.
The house of Nostradamus. Grévin de Provence museum.
L'école des bergers (domaine du Merle) (school of shepherds)
And, for something different... the Coca-Cola Museum
(museum of publicity merchandise).

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