dimanche 17 juin 2007

Boursin cheese is a cheese the CMH introduced her to in the US. It is rather expensive, in the US, about 6$ if I remember correctly.
Here it is about half that, being as it isn't imported.

From Wikipedia:
"Boursin Cheese is a soft creamy cheese available in a variety of flavors. Its flavor and texture is somewhat similar to American cream cheese.
Boursin cheese was first produced in 1957 by François Boursin in Normandy. Boursin is a trademark - Boursin cheese is produced exclusively by the Boursin company, a subsidiary of Unilever."
Dang. I want a cheese named after me. What kind of cheese are you eating? Some Megan. How does it taste? Ah, rather blond.
Hmm, or perhaps bitter, like smelly socks, and slightly moldy.

The different varieties from the Boursin website:
Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs
The welcome addition to any cheese platter, made with cow's milk and cream, garlic, salt, pepper, parsley and chives. Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs is an ideal cheese to enjoy as an appetizer or aperitif.
(The basic flavor, good for spreading on any bread)
Boursin Pepper
This flavored fresh cheese is characterized by the lively black pepper that gives it a distinctively spirited taste.
(Haven't tried this one)
Boursin Shallot & Chive
This addition to the Boursin family is distinguished by the sublime blend of savory shallot and delectable chive flavors with Boursin's authentic Gournay Cheese base.
(Brought this once to a potluck at work in the US. One of the guys liked it so much, he sent out a general email asking who had brought it and where he could find it. I don't really like this flavor personally.)

Boursin Fig, Raisin & Nut
This unique combination of popular flavors delivers a sweet and savory taste that opens a whole new world of ways to enjoy Boursin.
(Haven't tried this one.)

Boursin Light Garlic & Fine Herbs
Based on the original, Boursin® Light has 78% less fat and 64% fewer calories then regular Gournay Cheese, so patrons can indulge at any time.
(Haven't tried this one either. I think Light cheese is outlawed in France.)

Here in France there is also "Noisettes et Noix" Hazelnuts and nuts (very good) and Cranberry and Pepper. Hmm... Interesting

I love this part of the website:
"When your guests ask what variety of cheese you're serving, dazzle them by casually mentioning that Boursin® is authentic All Natural Gournay Cheese."

Are you dazzled now? You had better be.
(PS. The title is from an advertising campaign of theirs, Some bread, some wine, some boursin.)

All in all, four cheeses.

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deedee a dit…

I love Boursin!

Anonyme a dit…

This has to be the biggest resource on Boursin! Well researched. I am embarrassed to admint I'm a fan too.
It's great on a fresh baguette.

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