dimanche 3 juin 2007

With the shower officially usable, we decided to start the next phase, namely, the entire rest of the bathroom. We have removed the radiator in the bathroom, which consisted of lots of tar-black grudge shooting all over our wall and floor, removing the sink and discovering the nice surprise underneath, and removing the wall tiles that were behind the sink. We only removed about half of all the tiles still left to be removed last night. We figured the neighbors wouldn't like it too much at 8 pm. Sunday morning isn't much better, but they are going to have to deal.
(under the sink --->)

This (bang) is (bang) payback (bang) for (bang) your (bang) damn (bang) dog (bang)!

So next we have to finish removing the tiles. Redo the wall where the radiator was. Build the small wall to cover the pipes. Build the piece of furniture for the sink. Put the new floor tiles we bought. Tile everything. Put the sink in place. Repaint. Replace light switches (move it to the outside of the bathroom), plugs, and light fixture.

No problem. Should be done by Christmas. Until then, brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink. Below, picture of the sink we bought (bowl only, not the rest of the furniture).

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Anonyme a dit…

That sink is GORGEOUS!! I love the unique, angular shape. I just love how the sinks in Europe often rise from the sink's foundation...like a bowl with a drain. Not only do they look much nicer, but you don't have to hunch over so much to splash water on your face or brush your teeth.

Poppy Fields a dit…

It was very gross under your old sink!

haze a dit…

We are under renovation too ! It's been 2 weeks and I hope it will be over soon ! Goodluck ;) !

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