mercredi 13 juin 2007

We (okay, Alain) have now built the piece of furniture that the sink will sit on using blue boards that are made especially for building walls and stuff. This is what he used to build the small wall in the shower stall (which is to hide the pipes behind). It will be tiled afterwards. He also placed the rock tiles and filled them in with the white joint. The part under the shower, where you can see the old tiles, will be covered.
Our neighbor next door told us that one of our neighbors (she didn't specify who but I am guessing it is the ones that live beneath us) mentioned to her in passing that he will be glad when we finish our bathroom. Really? What a shocker! Because I for one LOVE spending every weekend on it and going for four months without a shower and now without a sink. In fact, I wish it would take longer, I love it so much. And while we are on the topic, I can't wait for your dog to die, but we all have crosses that we must bear.

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Poppy Fields a dit…

It's looking good in that bathroom :)

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