samedi 9 juin 2007
We spent Saturday afternoon at the Community Center in Rognes, where Alain teaches karate once a week during the school year. They were having a demonstration of karate, which mostly means little kids doing stuff and their parents filming it. Next week is the final karate competition for the area, which Alain has to help referee, and the next day is the end-of-the-year paella picnic (for more on paella, go here), along with games and sports.
I tried taking karate for about six months. I was whiter than white belt, and didn't much like being in the 6 year old division. Doing the katas (series of movements) was okay, but I didn't like the competitions. Had enough of that doing boxing and wrestling at VMI thanks. Also, Alain didn't appreciate that every time he got punched in the stomach, I shrieked. Here is a little video clip of Alain doing turn jump kicks. (yes, that is the official Japanese name).

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