dimanche 17 juin 2007

The Cheese Monster was not too thrilled when the CMH informed her, the night before, that they would have to get up at 7 am Sunday morning in order to be in Pelissane by 9 so that the CMH could referree the soccer game for karate day. So on the sacred day of croissants, they got up and went to a day of karatiness.

------------------------------------------------------------I spent the morning with his parents while he referreed the soccer game, then he came and fetched me and we went to the party. The lavender is now in bloom, making the countryside quite beautiful.

The party was in a big field near Pelissane, with a small cabanon that has been turned into a dance floor- every year around Christmas time they have a smoky eardrum-blasting party that we turn up for the obligatory hellos.
Yesterday it wasn't too hot, which I suppose was a good thing since there wasn't a ton of shade. We had drinks, olives and peanuts, and waited for the paella to finish cooking while rugrats ran around.

It was finally time to eat around 3, after all the kids had eaten first.

Confession- I don't really like paella. I prefer to know what meat I am eating. I picked out some suspicious bits and gave them to Alain. Along with baguettes, cheese, and wine we had coffee and peaches. We left around 4 to drive back to Marseille.

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