dimanche 15 juillet 2007
Yesterday, we celebrated the national holiday. I must say, it seems much less of a deal than in the US. No Flag apparel, no home town parades, no cakes decorated like flags. Perhaps some people have BBQs. I saw exactly one house with a flag hanging from the window, and the buses had little flags attached to their tops. That's it.
We semi-watched the parade on TV of the Champs Elysee. This year it was interesting to see the different militaries of Europe.

For the evening, we went over to Sylvain and Coralie's apartment. They have a great apartment in a high-rise building with a beautiful view of the sea. We sat and talked on the balcony, had dinner, went for a walk in the hills to see the fireworks, then went back and had dessert. We left around 1 am, got to bed around 2. It was a very nice day.

Picture above of fireworks at the Vieux Port, courtesy of http://www.vincent-formica.com/
Along with some other beautiful photos of Marseille.

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Starman a dit…

We got to see the fireworks on the Trocadero. It was (as usual) quite impressive.

Emily a dit…

Sounds like you celebrated it well. :) We watched the Annecy fireworks from our balcony while drinking too much wine and eating too much tartiflette pizza.

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