dimanche 8 juillet 2007

Marseille, like many other cities have already done, is having a "Cow Parade". The life-size (or almost) fiberglass cows, grazing, walking, or lying down that local artists/groups paint, then are sold of for charity after a certain time.

(click on Les Vaches to see some more pictures of the cows).

I first heard about it back in February, when there was a call for artists to submit proposals of what they would name their cow and how it would be decorated. I eagerly downloaded the form from the site, filled it out, and sent it in (three copies).

I wasn't chosen. I wasn't too disappointed, as I soon after started working and had almost no time or energy on the weekends between doing all the chores and errands that were not being done during the week now.

The cows were placed around the city in June. And about that same day started getting destroyed. Yep, some people have no respect. Especially as they will be sold for charity, it is disappointing. Some were slightly graffitied, while others had attachments and decorations ripped off. In a way, I am kinda glad I didn't spend so much time and effort working on one, only to have it be ruined. I would have seriously bawled.

I haven't seen them all yet, as I haven't yet had the time to visit the other areas.

Some are quite amazing (in a good way) and some are quite amazing (in a not so good way). You painted a cow entirely purple? Wow. What imagination.

Not that my idea was so hot, and has probably been done many times already in different cities, which is probably why it was rejected. Since then, I thought of a really cute idea, but oh well. I guess I will just have to buy my own lifesize fiberglass cow for the living room. Hey honey! Guess what I bought today?

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Poppy Fields a dit…

Ha! I wonder what my husband would think if I came home with a life size fiberglass cow? It would just confirm my american craziness I think :)

Betty C. a dit…

How fun! I saw a similar exhibit in Seattle, one year it was pigs also.

Of course where I live I get to see the real thing...a lot...especially cows.

I somehow have seldom run into your blog and am going to sidebar it immediately. Hello fellow expat!

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