jeudi 26 juillet 2007
I arrived here in France on July 22, 2005. Sometimes it is hard to believe how much has happened in two years here. I took ten months of french courses, got married, bought an apartment, and started working. With trips to Bretagne, Italy, and the US thrown in. I have survived two summers now. Not yet fluent in French, if I will ever be.
I remember how I felt on the plane moving here. Excited, nervous, anxious to see Alain again after 6 months, scared it would be awkward and that he would have changed. How it would be so exhausting to visit with his friends and family because of not really understanding what was being said but concentrating very hard.
And now, here I am, two years later. Wonder where I will be in two years?

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The Late Bloomer a dit…

Well, I don't know about you, but I sure can say that the last two years have flown by for me! It will be five years this fall that I've been (back) in France, not counting the 2 years I spent here in the '90s. And I don't know where all that time went... My life has been somewhat crazy, with lots of ups and downs, but I think I've changed a lot myself.

You've accomplished a heck of a lot in 2 years, so you should be proud of that! And don't worry about the French: that will definitely come with time, naturally, just by living here. I'm sure Meredith at Poppy Fields could reassure you about that too! And lots of other expats around here.

I think it's cool that you bought an apartment here -- I wish I could say that I've got that milestone under my belt, but unfortunately, it's not yet the case.

Maybe someday...

Are you going away en vacances this summer? :)

Starman a dit…

Bon anniversaire!

Betty C. a dit…

It's definitely a time in your life when a lot has gone on. Wait until you get to 10 or 15 does happen!

mlle smith a dit…

Awww, congratulations Megan! Two years is a milestone, and just imagine how amazing it will be in the next two years?! Keep inspiring me to hang in there... :0)

Soulamouse a dit…

Life is beautifully unpredictable...

do you do microelectronics now at your current job?
what do you miss most about the US?
sorry if I ask too much.
Nice spring

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